Personal Loans and its Main Uses



Personal loans in San Francisco are quite common. San Francisco California has 884,363 people and about 14% are Hispanic and most are looking to apply for a personal loan. If you are one of those people and you need financial help, there are several lenders that can help you with personal loans in San Francisco, California.

We leave you a list of the following most common main uses for personal loans in San Francisco:

  • Debts
  • Shopping for your business
  • Holidays
  • Consolidate credit cards
  • Purchase or refinance of cars
  • Medical expenses
  • And more…

You can have interests from 3.84% in amounts of $ 100 to $ 100,000 commonly in personal loans in San Francisco, and you can request it from the Othello Web platform. The current terms will depend on certain factors such as the credit history and the use of the personal loan.

What do I need to apply for personal loans in San Francisco?

Main requirements:

  • Have a job or a source of income
  • Have a bank account
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a citizen or American resident. (have social security)

By having them you can apply without commitment.

When applying for personal loans in San Francisco from Othello, lenders will ask you to share your personal information in online applications or forms. Example, your social security number and bank account number. The process to complete with an estimated response time of approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Personal loans according to your credit history:


Personal loans according to your credit history:


When wanting to apply for personal loans in San Francisco, California it is very important to know your credit score, and the level of debt you have but even more important your credit history. Since the lenders evaluate a series of factors at the same time to be able to offer you some amount and better terms.

There are some lenders that do not evaluate the credit (especially personal loans with bad credit) we leave you the 5 factors that affect your credit score and how to improve them.

For this reason we share an average of the terms of personal credits according to your credit score below:

  1. Excellent credit: Normally between 670 to 870. You have access to the best terms of personal loans in Nevada and throughout the United States, from $ 100 to $ 100,000 with interest ranging from 4.99% with terms of 3-72 months. Applies to loans for people with excellent credit.
  2. Good credit: Usually between 580 to 669. With this score you can access good terms and the difference is the amount you can access, according to our experience you can apply for personal loans of up to $ 50,000 with terms of 3-72 months. Applies to loans for people with good credit.
  3. Bad credit: Commonly between 350 to 579. With this score it is difficult to access a loan with low interest since for the lenders there is too much risk that you can not pay back. However, it is still possible to get loans up to $ 5,000 and terms from 2 weeks to 24 months. Applies to loans for people with bad credit.


How to Apply for Personal Loans in San Francisco.


How to Apply for Personal Loans in San Francisco.

The processes are easier and from the comfort of your home or in your free time since you can online from your cell phone, you just have to enter the Othello platform, where you will find options for all types of credit and loans with more than 100 lenders. In addition, you have free advisor assistance to assist you while you fill the applications.

Important steps to follow:

  • Enter the Othello platform: Choose an application and complete the one you want and you can compare several offers without damaging your credit.
  • Read the terms and conditions twice: since the information of each completed application is sent to your email. Name of the lender, address, amount and conditions in general.
  • Approved by a lender : If you are approved for security the lender will only give the information to you, so usually the lender will call you and give you the option to deposit the approved amount to your bank account.

Some Bank Options for Personal Loans in San Francisco, California:

Some Bank Options for Personal Loans in San Francisco, California:

  1. Bank Of America
  2. US Bank
  3. Bank Of The West
  4. Wells Fargo
  5. Bank Of San Francisco


Other Resources for Personal Loans:

Other Resources for Personal Loans:


For personal loans in San Francisco we recommend you always check with the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission). These sites give information and news of personal finances which give you tips to avoid online fraud.

Money for Online Denial



Money for negativado! Money, money and more money … Do you agree that without money things can be very complicated in this capitalist universe that we live? I bet you answered yes! Today, bank rules eliminate every person with a negative name on the protection bodies – right? This is correct, however, despite being denied for reasons of default or other noncompliance, it is still possible to get even negative money.

Being denied or with the dirty name, in practice, does not prevent any citizen from borrowing money , even meaning that the person has restrictions for having the CPF enrolled in bad-paying registries such as the Credit Protection Service (SPC) and Serasa Experian , there are many lending companies willing to lend to this class.

Those with a clean name get low interest rates and good credit terms. And who has the negative name also gets these low rates? Of course yes! Research, you need to be careful at this point, but it’s quite simple and in a few steps and clicks, you find one or more ” companies that lend money to negatives ” and finances short- and long-term credit.

When we talk about negativado, we think of marginalized people in the financial system who can not get any money – my mistaken noble error – this is compensated with some modalities of differentiated loans, which even privilege with special rates and deadlines, this is the case of the loan payroll (payroll-deductible loan), and cases such as crefisa personal loan for negative, a specialized financial in this modality.

In online personal and payroll lending platforms, lending companies have systems that analyze, approve and release loans very quickly and without complication. For factoring and secured loans, rates start at 1.15% to 2.34%. However, there is a problem, interest rates are very high for those who can not make a paycheck, in the loan for people with restrictions, impute to the creditor a much higher credit risk, so the rates can reach up to 26% a month.

How does money work for negatives?


The cash loan without consulting the SPC and Serasa, is normally released like any other credit operation. The person who is denied requests the money that he / she needs, the company that received the register evaluates the profile of the borrower, and based on various internal and external information, decides whether or not to release the amount requested.


What advantage of negatively lending money


What advantage of negatively lending money

1 – Has access to cheap money with low interest through the guarantee of assets, payroll, jewelry and securities accepted in some banks, financial.

2 – There is no loan difference for those who have a clean name , in general, the loan for negatives releases large amounts with short, medium and long terms, depending on the mode of credit sought.

3 – In addition to being able to apply for payroll loan, have access to credit cards without consulting with hiring is easier and there are not as many bureaucracies.

If you are negative, you can not factorize or do not have any assets to give as collateral, understand that pursuing other alternatives to borrow money to be negative can be a great chance not to ruin even more finances. If you do not have a clue, go for a loan.

Money for online denial

Loan comparison and simulation sites are widely advertised on the internet, these Fintech companies that lend and intercede personal credit and money to negatives are making the survivor’s life much easier for money. If you wish to take out a loan to consolidate debts, pay late bills, remove invoices from the card or even refinance a vehicle, we have listed some companies that give loans to those with a dirty name.

Losango – loans


Losango is one of the oldest financial companies operating in Brazil, it works with credit for negatives . The operation with Losango is quiet and without much bureaucracy, but to finish the business started on the web, you need to go to one of the physical stores with all your documents.

The documents are basic : RG – identity card, CPF, proof of income and residence. For those who did not buy income, not even for personal income tax, just carry some credit card or credit card bill that proves payments for the last three months.

Losango lends to negatives with payments up to 24 times in the check or up to 18 times in the ticket (credit or loan with ticket), and 60 days to pay the 1st installment, can choose the due date.

Crefisa – loan for negativado

Crefisa financial is a credit company very well known by the Brazilian population for offering and publicizing in bulk its offers of ” non-payroll loan “, that is, personal loan. For those who are really in trouble, Crefisa is a good alternative to borrow money, especially in an emergency or having to plug an urgent financial hole.

Anyone who is a ” salaried professional, liberal or to borrowers who perform the function of civil servant and public servant, retired, INSS pensioner ” or who receives salary with magnetic card, the financial has this solution of request in a simple and fast.

To apply for the loan to the Crefisa financier, it is necessary to bring the original documents in hand: updated RG, regular CPF, proof of residence, last two original proofs of income and bank statement that proves monthly income.

IBI – personal credit for negatives

IBI ” to your credit shop “, this is the new financial slogan. At IBI, you will find different types of consumer financial products and services. For those who are looking for borrowed money but it is in the SPC and Serasa that is negative, no problem, you have free access to the loan of the company.

In addition to personal credit, IBI offers a facilitator, the famous IbiCred loan card. The IbiCred loan provides operations where the check guarantee releases the amount requested, ie if you have checkbooks, use it as collateral to get the best interest rates in this mode.

The IBI personal loan is completed directly in the stores and every procedure is done on time, without bureaucracy or delay up to 24 times and payment with up to 45 days to pay the 1st installment. See here: Loan with pre-dated check.

Simplic – fintech who lends money online

Simplic is part of the Enova group which is also present in the United States and Europe and is not a financial institution , Simplic is a banking correspondent authorized by the BC. Fintech started its activities in Brazil in 2014, specializing in applications for low-value personal loans, mainly serving people who are negative and restricted in name .

Simplic offers personal loan online without consultation with credit protection agencies. The amounts are released on the same day and range from R $ 500.00 to R $ 3500.00 with terms between 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments. In order to access the services, it is only necessary to formalize a registration, after which the company will unload the rest of the request. The loan is reliable, fast and secure.

On the internet you find several options of institutions and banks that lend money to negatives such as PAN bank or Financial Dacasa and Financeira Lecca and etc.


Money to Negative Clean Your Name


Money to Negative Clean Your Name


Clear the name, this is a very serious matter. Did you know that more than 60 million people are under a dirty name, who pointed out these data was the survey of the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL), that is, more than a third of Brazilian population needs to clear the name.

It is not difficult to do this, but it takes discipline, enough discipline if not practically impossible. Beyond clear of getting rid of complacency in some cases of course. As I said, first step requires discipline, then cunning to propose to the creditor a debt renegotiation that is great for you.

It is worth mentioning that the simple fact of paying the first installment of an agreement, the lender already releases his name from the SPC and Serasa , his name is clean in up to five days.

But to make such an agreement, money becomes extremely necessary, so borrowing money to resolve these issues can certainly be an act of excellence. Be wise when asking for a loan, but do not forget to think about it.

If you are under the negative name and in need of quick cash , it is important to know that any type of personal loan creates a risk to home and personal finances. When borrowing money keep in mind that you will not have more money, on the contrary, every month will be subtracted from your income a value corresponding to the portion of the loan you received from the bank or financial.