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” Property mortgage Bradesco: is a secured loan called Credifacil property that you can borrow up to 60% of the value of your residence, rural property, land, lots and commercial property, your own or third party. “If you have any doubts about Banco Bradesco’s mortgage , in this article we will clarify the loan and payment conditions.

One of the most used mortgages is the one of the property, and in Bradesco is called Credfacil Property that has special conditions and different terms. Like all the loan, some people are in doubt in realizing a mortgage be it of the property, or car. But this is precisely because of the lack of knowledge about mortgage functionality in Brazil.

You will know some of the mortgage options offered by Banco Bradesco. It is possible to mortgage the house, the vehicle and even get a personal credit, for example, to carry out your journey that either craves or even take out smaller debts.


Requirements for making a mortgage


Requirements for making a mortgage


The Bank clarifies that some requirements are necessary and we highlight here: being a Bradesco Broker over 18 years old or emancipated, not having a credit restriction, proving sufficient income for the financing and presenting the necessary documentation.

In case you want to finance your property to provide collateral to receive the loan, Bradesco will evaluate you through accredited bank engineers. One of the issues is that Bradesco’s mortgage allows you to work with monthly, quarterly and half-yearly installments or according to the company’s cash flow. The bank also needs the grace to pay the 1st installment. In addition, it is available to Bradesco Bradesco Empresas e Negócios and also to adjust the company’s production cycle.

Let’s see how it works? Know some of the characteristics of the Mortgage Bradesco Property for loan with guarantee of house or property .

  • Plots from 3% to 15% of the value of your loan.
  • Up to 15 years to pay (180 installments).
  • Up to 60% of the value of your property as loan.
  • Available only to bank account holders.
  • The property must be removed with regularized documentation.
  • Available to account holders with a minimum age of 18 years;
  • Optional coverage of the Financial Protection Insurance in case of total permanent death or disability due to accident, involuntary unemployment and temporary total physical incapacity, according to the product rule;
  • IOF financed and added to the value of the parcels;

If you are interested in this form of loan and wish to carry out, you must go directly to one of the branches of Banco Bradesco and bring the following documents, or notarized copies of the documents:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of income and address;
  • Document of the property removed with regularized documentation.

Bradesco also offers the option to repay the loan. For this, you can pay the full amount of the transaction or anticipate payment of as many installments as you wish. The anticipation or liquidation can be done by Internet Banking or at your Bradesco Agency.


Mortgage with collateral how does it work?


Bradesco mortgage with collateral how does it work?


One of the most sought after mortgages is real estate. So you have clients opting for Credfacil Property. The loans are equivalent to up to 60% of the price of the property. The costs of the installments vary between 3% and 15% of the total loaned and the term for payment is up to 180 months.

If you want to hire the Credfacil Property you must go to one of Bradesco’s branches and bring the requested documents that can be checked here.

The mortgage of a property , giving it as collateral is a possibility to carry out that great project, or even acquire a new property. But for this it is necessary that you place your property as collateral. The good thing is that the real estate of third parties are also accepted, as long as they are not the only property of the person, used for his residence.

One of the differences for those who want to mortgage the property is that Bradesco makes it clear that there must be extreme responsibility of the client to carry out this type of loan giving as guarantee his own property. To make a responsible loan they provide a Financial Education portal.

Mortgage simulator 


You have a preview of the financing simulator Bradesco to get an idea what your new or used property financing would look like, however the site itself has a more complete simulator where you can enter various data to get an approximate value of how much would be paid if the operation was completed. Simulate here!


Mortgage Simulator 



Depending on the purpose of the money you need and the urgency, the Bradesco mortgage can help you. But it is always good to know the services and rates, interest as well as payment terms. Performing the mortgage on the house or other property, conditions you to return it if you can not repay the loan.


Is it worth to mortgage a property?


Just like the payroll, this line of credit has many low considering interest rates or credit modalities, so it may be worth it if you have already exhausted other possibilities of obtaining credit.

In real estate mortgages, interest rates are low, they start at 1.15%, the rate is lower because the risk of the operation for the lender is minimized when you place a property as collateral for payment. In this way, the chance that you will not repay the loan to the institution (defaulting) leaves you in a more comfortable situation.

To request a mortgage loan from Bradesco real estate, a real estate mortgage of the Caixa or Itaú mortgage, always make at least five loan simulations. Compare interest rates on different lenders until you find one that is worth you hire.

How to apply for a mortgage?


Do you need money and have a home to give you a guarantee ? Do you have a Bradesco account? To apply for the mortgaged property with collateral, you must appear personally at your agency holding your personal documents.
More information can be obtained by the Service Center 4004 0022 (Capitals and Metropolitan Regions) or 0800 570 0022 (Other localities).