Refinancing – How it works and rules


Refinancing for property and vehicles: its conditions and rules. Let’s understand how it works? Bradesco is one of the largest banks in Brazil and is considered one of the most profitable private agencies of all time. It offers a service option, and refinancing is between them. You can put as collateral your property or vehicle to get credit approval and get the money you both need.

However, this type of financial product needs to be done with caution and responsibility, as there are assets given as collateral, so that the client does not end without the property or vehicle and still in debt. Getting money to do something wanted, okay, plus, end up losing the house or car because of this, definitely – not cool!

So, before making the refinancing know the rules , interest and fees well, then sign the contract. Refinancing is not a risk to the client when he or she organizes and performs proper planning. In this case, it may be a viable option to repay a large debt with high interest rates, this is because this service is known to present lower interest rates. But it is indicated to know the rules of each banking institution well .

Refinancing rules


Refinancing of Real Estate and Vehicles – How it Works and Rules

When opting for this credit product, the customer must have an account with the agency. This is because he will need to be in frequent contact with the bank to make payments, to ask questions. Another fact is that both the property and the car must be removed and the name of the person who will ask for the refinancing. Both can not have pending, ie if the vehicle has fines the owner must settle the bills. Then, when submitting the application, the bank will make an assessment of how much your property is worth, as well as the vehicle. Only after this analysis, and the contrary closing is that the loan is released.

Refinancing Property

Refinancing Property

The refinancing of real estate in Bradesco is called Credfácil Property in which you can put as collateral fiduciary alienation or mortgage of the property – own or third. The characteristics of this service are as follows:

Monthly, quarterly and half-yearly installments or according to the company’s cash flow.

1 – Available to Correntista Bradesco Empresas e Negócios.
2 – Grace to pay the 1st installment.
3 – Adequacy of the productive cycle of the company.

Vehicle Refinancing

Vehicle Refinancing

For those who want to change cars, or even need some extra money, it is also possible to carry out the Cretitud Bradesco Vehicle. How it works? Through the loan, the customer uses the vehicle cleared as collateral and receives up to 60% of the value. So know the rules well:

  • Plots start at R $ 20,00;
  • Payments in up to 50 months automatically debited from the checking account;
  • Grace period of 15 to 59 days to pay the first installment;
  • Flexible Interest Rates according to vehicle entry and year;
  • Financing of the IOF together with the value of the installments;
  • Credit available to account holders over the age of 18;

If you are interested in this form of loan and wish to carry out, you must go directly to one of the branches of Banco Bradesco and bring the following documents, or notarized copies of the documents: RG; CPF; Proof of income and address; Vehicle Document (CRV).

Bradesco also offers the option to repay the loan. For this, you can pay the full amount of the transaction or anticipate payment of as many installments as you wish. The anticipation or liquidation can be done by Internet Banking or at your Bradesco Agency.

How the Credfácil Vehicle Works

How the Credfácil Vehicle Works

The bank also has the vehicle refinancing, known as Credfácil Vehicle. In order to obtain the loan, the client places as collateral his own or third party vehicle. The characteristics of this service are as follows:

  • Amount financed and contracted interest comprises the monthly installments
  • Attractive and Competitive Interest Rates
  • Free credit operation for brokerage Bradesco
  • Also available and suitable to the productive cycle of companies
  • Accepts as guarantee, new and used vehicles by fiduciary alienation

For the vehicle it is necessary to know the following rules: The age of the vehicle can be up to 10 years from the date of manufacture. The amount of the credit released amounts to 60% of the value of the vehicle. Application of monthly interest rate of 3.89% per month. The repayment term for payments is up to 4 years (48 months).

Regardless of the type of refinancing, there are advantages and we highlight: lower interest, longer term for payment, large volume of fast credit, and free capital. The advantages are attractive and depending on how this loan will be used and Bradesco’s financing will be a viable option.

Of course, like any type of loan, the client needs to pay the fixed and monthly installments, so that he does not run the risk of losing his property or vehicle.